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We were last inspected in November 2022. To see our latest Ofsted report, please follow the link below:

Woodcote Primary School Ofsted Reports

The schools provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is strong. Staff are skilled at matching teaching and support to pupilsindividual needs. A special educational needs (SEN) resource base is attached to the school, offering places for up to 10 pupils referred by the local authority. Staff who teach there carefully adapt the curriculum to cater for pupilsacademic, social, emotional and mental health needs.

Leaders and staff promote pupilspersonal development well. Pupils discussed with me the importance of respecting each others differences. They receive teaching about a range of faiths and cultures. Pupils are well prepared as future citizens. 

May 2021


This is a school with a caring, friendly ethos. Leaders and staff put pupilswell-being at the heart of everything they do. They expect all pupils to aim high, try their best and have the opportunity to shine, as stated in the schools aims.

May 2021


The school provides pupils with the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects and topics. A good range of additional trips and clubs are available. The school ensures that pupils develop a good understanding of respect, tolerance, and fairness. 

July 2016

 Pupils have good opportunities to take on extra responsibility. Pupils are proud of the school. They behave well and their attendance has improved significantly this year.

July 2016