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Welcome back to a new school year!

We are so happy to finally welcome our children back to school. It feels wonderful to have every class full of children. Some of you shared your concerns beforehand about having all of the children in school and wondering how they would manage with the new routines; however, I can honestly say that the children have been absolutely fantastic! At the end of the first week, a few children struggled to keep going during the day, but that isn’t really surprising as it’s been so long since many of them have been in a classroom. Within a couple of weeks they will be into the new routines and back to full energy levels! We're noticing a difference every day and I'm sure that you must be too. The children's huge smiles sum up how we're all feeling about being back together again!

A big welcome to the new children who have joined us in Ash Class as well as further up the school. We have also had several new staff who have joined Woodcote’s team this term.