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Proposed Catchment Change in Ashby

The Local Authority, in agreement with the four Ashby primaries,  are proposing to merge all catchment areas, resulting in all schools having one single catchment. There are areas in Leicestershire who have already successfully implemented this model, i.e. Braunstone and Melton. We believe that by taking this action, it will avoid confusion as all families within Ashby will have equal opportunities across all schools in Ashby.

This is part of a larger consultation being held by the Local Authority on their School Admission Policy and arrangements to take effect from Autumn 2021.

Their proposal comprises of the following:

  • Do you agree with the removal of the current criterion 7 in Leicestershire’s Oversubscription Criteria, which will no longer prioritise applications of grounds of ‘belief’;
  • Do you agree with the revised Leicestershire School Admissions Policy and associated co-ordinated schemes for entry Autumn 2021?
  • Do you agree with the amended catchment boundary changes for Primary Schools in Leicestershire for entry Autumn 2021. Meaning that Ashby primary schools would have a shared boundary.

You are invited to share your views. The Local Authority consultation is now open and will conclude on 29th November, 2019. You can read the full consultation document at: https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/have-your-say/current-consultations/leicestershire-schools-admissions-consultation-for-2021-entry

The Response Form can be found at: https://surveys.leics.gov.uk/snapwebhost/s.asp?k=157044412524

All four primary school Headteachers and their governing bodies, are in total agreement that this would be the best solution for Ashby as a community. 

A letter giving  more details can be found in the letters section of our website. Please do follow the links above to share your views on this proposal.