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Flu Vaccinations

This autumn term all primary school aged children in England (from Reception class to Year 6) will be offered a flu vaccination by the NHS school aged immunisation service. Most children are offered a nasal spray flu vaccine. 

Flu is an unpredictable virus that can kill thousands of people during a flu season. The flu vaccine is the best defence we have against it. The benefits include protection against flu for the children who receive the vaccine and reduced transmission in the community. This is because children play a key role in the transmission of flu, including to those who may be at higher risk from complications such as the elderly. Since the start of the programme, research has shown that vaccinating large numbers of children has reduced the circulation of flu in the community. This has reduced the number of GP consultations for flu-like illness for both the vaccinated children and the wider community and has also reduced hospital admissions from flu.  

You are able to find out more information about the vaccination here.

In order for your child to receive the vaccination at school you will need to complete a consent form which you can access here.

You will need code LE120096 for our school. 

Vaccinations will be taking place at Woodcote on Thursday 2nd November. Please ensure you have completed the consent form before Tuesday 31st October to make sure your child doesn't miss out.