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Miss James and Mrs Wilkinson is leading Geography across the school and is being supported by Mr Green (governor)  who is monitoring the impact of our curriculum. 

Our governors, support staff and teachers met together to look at our curriculum progression. This was a part of our Curriculum Review. To view the progression document, please follow the link: Geography Progression

At Woodcote Primary School, we believe that Geography is an essential part of the National Curriculum and The Early Year Framework that helps to inspire a curiosity in all children about the world around them, which will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Our pupils will be equipped with knowledge of Diverse places, people, resources and natural/human environment, Earths’ key physical and human processes, deepen their understanding of physical and human interaction. As well as developing an understanding of the formation and use of landscapes/environments and how the Earth features at different scales are shaped, interconnected and change over time.


Our Geography curriculum has been designed based around the National Curriculum expectations. Within our teaching at Woodcote, we ensure that all of our children across the school have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills.

We have created a progression document with the knowledge, skills and vocabulary that enables all children to develop their Geographical learning. At Woodcote, we believe in developing the following areas with the Geography curriculum:

  • Geographical Knowledge
  • Geographical Understanding
  • Geographical Enquiry

In order to achieve this, we have created a progression document that enables all children to develop Geographical knowledge and skills. Moving forwards, to continue to support the children’s developing understanding, this will be enhanced to include a progression of subject specific vocabulary.

At Woodcote, we have ensured that the curriculum is designed to develop knowledge and skills that are progressive, as well as transferable, throughout their journey at Woodcote Primary School and also to further education and beyond.


At Woodcote, the teaching of Geography is taught on a half term basis on a specific unit, alternating with History. Within our Geography, we use a variety of teaching approaches to ensure that the children develop their geographical understanding of knowledge, as well as creating a positive and stimulating environment for our children. Our linked English units are used to deepen the children’s passion for the subject and inspire them to want to learn more.  

This year, to further strengthen Geography within Woodcote, we have decided to implement ‘Rising Stars’. The reason why we have decided to adopt this scheme is that our children will benefit from the implementation of the clear structure, building upon prior learning and allowing our children to develop the key knowledge and skills highlighted within the National Curriculum. Teaching staff use the scheme as a starting point, looking at the needs of children within their class and planning teaching activities, ensuring that children can access the learning and build upon prior knowledge. Differing levels of support, challenge, resources or method of recording are used, so that all children across school can continue to access the learning and deepen their understanding of the Geography curriculum.


At Woodcote, we strongly believe it is important the impact of our Geography curriculum is clearly identified, not only for teachers, but also for children to identify key knowledge. In Geography, we ensure that the lessons are taught to a clear and relatable WALT which allows children a clear understanding of what they have learnt in that lesson. As part of monitoring the impact of our curriculum, we believe that it is fundamental that children are able to first develop knowledge and skills, and then later on in their school journey, revisit the knowledge and skills and build upon them, developing their learning further.

At the end of each unit, the children are teacher assessed against the progression document with a best fit approach, whether each child is working below, at or exceeding expectations. The assessment includes opportunities to record key areas of development, as well as noting where the children have been able to shine.  This information is shared with the Geography Leads and with the next year’s class teacher, enabling them to build upon prior knowledge by having a clearer picture of the children’s strengths and areas for development.  

In order to ensure, that Geography is having a positive impact within Woodcote, the following will be carried out by the Subject Lead:

  • Staff Audits to look at the implementation of Geography
  • Discussion with Class Teachers of what they have observed in their lessons.
  • Learning Walks looking at the teaching as well as how geography is promoted within the Classroom
  • Book Scrutiny to look at the children’s work
  • Staff Meeting, where Geography is discussed and reflected upon

These methods will ensure that we are teaching alongside the curriculum objectives, as well as ensuring the scheme we follow allows the children to develop and retain key knowledge and skills that they have learnt. This prepares children for the transition into the next year group, including their move to Key Stage 3 and the next stage of their learning journey. We aim to inspire a love of Geography and a desire to deepen their understanding.