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Our governors, support staff and teachers have been working together to develop our curriculum. We will be holding meetings for parents and carers early next term to share these developments with you. 

 Miss Tymon is our English Lead and she is supported by Mrs Oselton and Mrs Jones. 

We are currently following Letters and Sounds for our phonics, supplemented by Phonics Play. Due to having a change of staffing and as part of our Curriculum Review, we have decided that we needed to invest in a new synthetic phonics programme (SPP). We identified what our children need from a SPP and wanted one that gave the following:

*has a consistent teaching and learning approach across EYFS and KS1, using the same language and using how children learn to underpin the SPP (cognitive science approach)

*decodable books to run alongside the programme

*slow and steady progress through the sounds, leading to the children deeply learning their sounds, mirroring our maths curriculum

*it's clear for parents and carers to follow so that they can support early reading at home

*teaches the sounds in an order which we know works best for most children

*provides extensive training to develop our staff’s understanding

*allows children to learn as a whole class but also flexibility to support all children, who might learn at different rates or need different support

*fits well with our school culture of learning

*staff in KS1, especially the KS1 lead believed in and felt passionately was the right one for us.

After lots of research and deliberation, we believe that Sounds Write is the best choice overall for Woodcote. Sounds Write achieved all of our own aims, as well as achieved all of the criteria set out by the new Validation of SSP Documentation April 2021


We have started our training this term (Summer Term 2021) and it will be introduced at the start of next term to EYFS and KS1. We will be having whole school training during August so that all staff across the school are clear about how phonics is taught. We will also be holding a parents and carers event early in the Autumn Term to share this with you. 

We are currently following the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. When Sounds Write is fully introduced, we will also have Dandelion Books to support the scheme.  

In KS2 Miss Tymon, Mrs Cain and Mrs Jones have all been part of a Reading Comprehension project which has enabled all children to further develop their comprehension skills and understanding. This will be continuing over the next academic year and we have already seen a huge impact on the children's learning of reading. As part of this project, we have also had a big focus on developing vocabulary. Staff have been part of the Word Aware Project and have been looking at how to improve all children's vocabulary across the school.