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Early Years Foundation Stage

Woodcote Primary School

From tiny seeds to glorious tress – where our children’s journey begins….and we’d love you to come and see why!  

We welcome our youngest children into our Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS). Mrs Sharma is our EYFS teacher and Mrs Sirrell is our Nursery Nurse. Mrs Oselton is our EYFS Lead and Mr Parker (governor) monitors our EYFS curriculum.  

Our Intentions 

We believe that we have developed a curriculum here at Woodcote, which will provide our children with the very best learning experiences and opportunities to be ready to thrive in Year One and beyond as they begin to cover the National Curriculum, which, like our EYFS curriculum, is adapted and enhanced to meet the learning needs of our children. 

  • We intend that our children leave our EYFS having laid the foundation of and achieved core skills and knowledge in early reading, writing, maths, physical development, language social and personal skills. 
  • We intend for our children to reach a good level of development by offering a broad curriculum, combining the development of these early core skills with enriched language exposure and acquisition and experiences, which we know only further supports the children’s learning across all areas of our curriculum in Year One and beyond.
  • We intend that our children develop physically, socially and emotionally within our Foundation Stage so that they are ready to be successful with the demands of not only the Year One curriculum, but also the playground, lunch hall, sports field as well as outside of school life, and set the foundations for a happy, safe and healthy life. 
  • We intend that where our children are not able to meet age-related expectations, areas of difficulty are swiftly identified and effective support is implemented which gives every child the very best opportunities to make progress and close gaps with their peers.
  • We intend for our children to love learning new things, trying new things, being independent and challenging themselves, as well beginning to love reading, a love which we sincerely hope leads them on their way to successful futures


Please see our Parents’ Guide to our EYFS and Our EYFS Curriculum documents below for more information about what and how we teach in our Early Years.