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Cherry Blossom House 

Cherry Blossom House is a specialist resourse base attached to our mainstream school to meet the Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs of our individual children.

We help our children to aspire to reach new heights; each child’s successes are celebrated and each challenge is faced with care and support.

The children allocated a place within Cherry Blossom House (CBH)  have needs which can't be met solely within a mainstream classroom. Places are allocated by the Local Authority to children with Education, Health and Care Plans with a primary need of SEMH. A consultation is held for any child who would benefit from a place where we carefully assess whether we can meet their specific need.  

Our Hub has had a phased opening, which started in September 2019 and we are now at full capacity with 10 children.  

Information is shared regularly via our secure online learning platform, ClassDojo. If your child is allocated a place, you will receive a log in to access the amazing activities that your child participates in. 

The information below also gives more information about CBH - please note, this is updated prior to being sent to parents so if your child is allocated a place, this may be slightly different reflecting the latest changes within CBH. 

Cherry Blossom House Parents' Information

 Cherry Blossom House Children's Information

' Pupils are happy and learn well in Cherry Blossom House. They learn a curriculum suited to their needs. Pupils have many opportunities to develop their communication and social skills....These link to their education, health and care plans. The targets help pupils to achieve and experience success'  Ofsted November 2022

The following home learning tasks were shared with parents when families were required to self-isolate.  We have chosen to leave these task on here so that you can access them if you feel they would be of help. 

home learning tasks cherry blossom.pdf